Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Labor Notes from My Birth Doula

Parker's Birth Notes - February 26th, 2015

4:30-5 Gyro (Contractions started around 6 p.m.)
6:30-7 Pineapple smoothie
7 p.m. Water broke, lightly stained
7:21 Phone call from Jay, you'd like me to come. 
8:15 I arrive
8:30 I suggest we all leave you alone so you can rest in between. Contractions every 3 minutes, about 35 seconds. (Everyone except Jay, goes to the dining room to wait for labor to progress)
8:40 Casey leaves, says she can come back at any time.
10:09 "Last 8 contractions are lasting a minute or longer." - Jay 
10:17 Loud vocalization & I check in with you.
10:23 You want me to stay in the room with you.
10:35 I insist that you get up to use the restroom. You are not happy when I suggest you stay on the toilet for another contraction.
10:45 You say you're pushing during the contraction.
10:47 You request the tub, but I suggest waiting for Madeleine as I know she's nearly here.
11:09 Madeleine says baby is so low, you must be complete. Tammy suggest low sounds when you bear down.
11:10 Heart rate "Good!" Madeleine says
11:12 Madeleine suggest you make your hips wider as you push.
11:17 Madeleine says "He's right there"
11:26    "  asks if you want to touch his head, you do and exclaim "Oh my God!"
11:27 Heart rate check "great" Madeleine says
11:33 Madeleine attempts to feel for baby, you tell her not to touch & Madeleine tells Tammy she thought baby may be crowning
11:35 "I've never wanted anything out of my body so bad."
11:36 Madeleine: "This is great, he's just molding".
11:38 "I can feel him right there, it hurts so bad."
11:39 Madeleine dons her headlamp
11:47 Madeleine suggests getting out of the tub, maybe the stool? "Noooo!" You say. 
In between contractions you rest your head on your hands.
Extra long pushes.
11:51  You look at the clock & roll your eyes.
11:57 Madeleine suggests you hold the noise in, focus all your energy down.
11:58 Tammy suggests that you rock your hips.
11:59 "Gimme your hands" you tell Jay
February 27th
12:01 "I'm sorry"
12:02 Heart rate ✅ (Check) "He's very low in that canal"
12:08 "I felt like he was just going to come out" you say after this contraction. Jay says "That's good!" Madeleine again suggests changing position, perhaps the toilet, the hot water can exhaust you. "I feel like water makes them less intense" you say.
12:10 Change position, you move to sit on the tub "step" with Jay sitting behind you. Your wedding day picture mirrors the scene. 
Tammy: "I see his head, go ahead and feel him"
Jay: "That's all he was waiting for, the 27th!" 
Madeleine: "You're doing so great, He's right there!"
12:16 "it's cold" fan off
12:23 You ask: "Does he go back in?" Madeleine explains only slightly, to where he's comfortable.
12:25 Heart rate check, but stops as contraction starts.
12:27 Tammy explains that baby needs to come under your pubic bone, and to bring your pelvis forward . Heart rate good.
12:29 Madeleine suggests you change position, if only for a few minutes. You move to the birth stool.
12:32 "The urge to push is always there" you say, "I don't like this".
12:36 Heart rate check, "the heart rate is slow, let's get him out."
12:38 Move to the bed, with Jay sitting behind you

12:49 Baby born! "MOM!!!" you yell

1:27 Grandma (Gigi) gets to hold her brand new grandson 
1:28 Jay: "You smell like a bait shop!" - "I like you"

9lbs 4oz
22 inches long

-small tear
  Lidocaine used for repair

❤️ Lea

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  1. Reminiscing, annoyed at my sloppy note taking... but then I can actually hear the words come off the screen... I can remember them as if you just said them... I remember when you looked at the clock and rolled your eyes and I thought... I should turn it around, and then I thought... she'd hit me...hard ;)

    Such wonderful memories, I am so honored to have!

    Your Doula for always!